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handing the mirror to the queen

[Post New]by eirini51 on Jan 24, 11 12:54 PM
Enough is enough. I have tried now for two days trying to give the mirror to the Queen but to no avail. Will this be another of my unfinished games?

I REALLY AM NO HAPPY, I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING RIGHT, I AM SURE, All is need is to hand the mirror to the queen and play the end game with the creature.

Can somebody, who has finished the game please tell me where I need to place the mirror to hand it to the queen.

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Re:handing the mirror to the queen

[Post New]by Chaorite on Jan 24, 11 2:11 PM
I assume you've placed all the items into the machine and that it's nicely glowing?

Is anything else left in your inventory? Have you checked the walkthrough to see if you missed any steps?

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