Can't Advertise!!

[Post New]by waycooljules on Jan 24, 11 7:55 PM
Does anyone else have a problem trying to advertise? The screen is grayed and won't select anything. Although it does show my $$ amount on the bottom left. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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Re:Can't Advertise!!

[Post New]by Gemcats on May 12, 11 7:13 PM
Having the same problem! Anyone know the answer?


Re:Can't Advertise!!

[Post New]by pink13 on Jun 25, 11 8:13 PM
It took me forever to figure this out. You have to go to your reception area and upgrade it from a small reception area to a medium to get a few advertising choices and then upgrade to large to get them all. Good Luck...

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