level 33 HELP!!!

[Post New]by Bjanka24 on Jan 25, 11 1:36 AM
How reach gold in this level?


Re:level 33 HELP!!!

[Post New]by kritter2 on Feb 11, 11 4:27 PM
I finally got gold. I am not sure of the exact steps, but I will try.

1. Renavote the burger joint.
2. Build a motel between the burger joint and pool.
3. Work on building another motel between the one motel and the Bistro. Upgrade the motels, burger joint, pool and bistro. I think I also did the bill board.
4. When one of the motels comes up for sell. Sell the bistro and buy the motel.
5. Contiue upgrading your properties and buy the last motel and upgrade as you can.
6. Repurchase the bistro and upgrade.
7. Purchase the house and demolish. Build a cinema. I believe the cinema needs one or two stars and everything else needs three stars.

I hope this will help some.

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Re:level 33 HELP!!!

[Post New]by AlbertaDan on Jul 17, 11 5:41 AM
Only 1 star on the cinema. Thanks kritter2 worked great.

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