Level 8 -.-

[Post New]by Celicagamer on Jan 25, 11 6:56 AM
i tried and tried to get gold on this one and my luxury just doesnt go high enough. any tips? were is the walkthrough!


Re:Level 8 -.-

[Post New]by Tazz_girl on Jan 25, 11 2:03 PM
me to im soooooooo stuck

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Re:Level 8 -.-

[Post New]by momrocks71 on Jan 26, 11 4:02 PM
Try mixing in a food and a leisure, plus keep the bungalows so their upgrades affects as many bungalows as possible.


Re:Level 8 -.-

[Post New]by onesweettammers on Jan 26, 11 4:34 PM
Renovate bungalo and bistro
Build pool next to bungalo
build house next to bistro
upgrade all 4 places as you can
make sure to click on intruder
build house and pool on the last two empty plots.

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