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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by hannah233 on Mar 22, 12 6:44 PM
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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by JulieJay on Apr 20, 12 1:03 AM
Great Hidden Object Adventure game with a few puzzles thrown in. Graphics were good and music non-intrusive. No voiceovers. Cut scenes ran smoothly - kind of like a comic strip.

I preferred this one to the first (VS: Pandora's Box) which I played immediately prior to this one. Only because the HO's in this game were better.

I am not a user of interactive maps as I do like to keep my memory fresh of surrounding areas and remember where you need to use something but I couldn't have enjoyed this game without using the photo album which was great - photos of every area which showed active HO scenes and areas of interest.

This VS is not a sequel as such to the first one and they can be played independently of each other as no reference is made in the second to the first. The lady vampire is the same person but that's allowed as she's a vampire and lives forever. I am looking forward to playing the third in the series (VS: Break Out).

I definitely recommend this game and also the first.

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by Jurinne on Sep 11, 12 9:10 PM
(Based on most of the Demo): This game is a BLAST!!

It's eerie, creepy, scary, ghosts, amnesia (or is it?); just what is going on in a town that used to be called "Hill Lock" but now is called "Hell Lock?"

I LOVE the HOS! Yes, it's hand-holding. I don't care. I wouldn't want it in all the games I play but this is different and it is a welcome change to me. Nobody has to look to see if the items turn green. I think it's great.

I also love the photos , being able to skip from area to area , collecting the rubies , and even the felt pens .

The only improvement I would suggest is rain. A lot of rain would be nice.

This is a definite BUY for me. Sometimes I enjoy reading Dostoevsky. Sometimes I enjoy reading Dickens. And sometimes I enjoy reading Lovecraft.

This is a Lovecraft game, so to speak (I don't mean the Old Ones or Cthulhu or anything like that; I mean it is a game that flows and I don't have to think too hard but can just enjoy it).

I like this game so much I'm tempted to buy it right now and not wait for a sale or a credit or anything. All I need is a cold day, some rain, a fire in the wood-burning stove, a cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows), a blanket in which to wrap up, and I'm set!

Thanks to the devs and (of course) BF!

I will be checking out the first game in the series. And guess what? Not everyone enjoys playing the same kinds of games. I have read rave reviews for games I loathed. And I read reviews here with comments that insulted the intelligence of the people who (*gasp*) enjoyed this game. Those remarks are cruel and can be hurtful, even if they are not meant to be insulting, although I wonder how anyone would not be insulted by being told they don't use their brain cells and enjoy watching games playing themselves. Not nice at all.

I give this game four out of five kitties (I didn't give it five because it is admittedly not of the same calibre as Phantasmat or the Dark Parables series):

Happy gaming, y'all!

And peace to everyone. Really.

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by Mickeycb on Apr 6, 13 1:19 PM
Well you get 2 modes: Casual or Expert. You take photos of scenes, which in essence, creates your map, so you can jump to locations. If there is something to do at a particular location, that photo sparkles to let you know. One thing, I've never seen before, is the HOS items list, the object name will change color if you are near it, or on top of it, and didn't realize it. Comes in handy, speeds things up a bit. So that was basically the pro's.

Con's: cut scenes are like reading a comic book One of the few games that did not fill my w/s I suppose they heard our reviews when we are tired of wrecking our cars and can't find the keys, so they used a motorcycle Story line is weak, at best And after playing some really awesome vampire games, this one just did not hit the mark, for me.

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