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Seoul - Level Help level 48 cannot win 1st level, the yellow does not appear in any great number

[Post New]by kula1 on Apr 17, 18 8:49 AM
bfgWaimea wrote:Hi Everyone,

With all the cities that are available for you to explore, we realize that it can be a little tricky to find help or give advice for specific levels in each city. To help with this, we've set up the <a href="">Gummy Drop! City Directory</a> and have created threads for each city.

This specific thread is dedicated to Seoul. To help keep everything organized, we're asking that all requests for help or helpful advice posted here pertain to this city only. If you'd like help with a different city, do check out the <a href="">Gummy Drop! City Directory</a> in order to find the appropriate thread.

In the post below, the moderators will try to add links to existing threads that contain helpful hints for this city. However, we'd like to ask everyone to create any new Seoul posts here. You can do this by clicking on the Reply button. If you'd like, you can also change the Subject line to the specific level that your post is about.



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Re:Seoul - Level Help

[Post New]by bfgBeruna on Apr 18, 18 11:22 AM
Hello kula1,

It sounds like not enough yellow gummies appear in Seoul, Level 48, which means that there's trouble filling the yellow color blocker at the center of the board. If players can't detonate the color blocker in time, several bomb gummies explode and end the level.

The color blocker takes six matches (or eighteen yellow gummies) to fill. The amount of yellow gummies that appear on the board are randomized, so the method that worked best for me was exiting out of boards without many yellow gummies on them at the start. If you exit a level before making a first move, you won't lose a life, so you can find an optimal board before proceeding.

I also focused on forming lightning bolts once the color blocker detonated. This helped me get enough points to win the level.

Hopefully this information is helpful. Please have a wonderful day!


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