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[Post New]by kleenix on Jan 25, 11 7:36 PM
I don't understand the spell shop. How do I tell what they are and when to use them? I get that the money I'm earning is for these but I don't know anything else about them.


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Re:spell shop

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Jan 29, 11 9:44 AM
Hey kleenix,

Here is a little bit about the spell shop that might be helpful:

TerryMann wrote:I did like this M3 game, you will have the option of adventure mode/timed mode. This game is your basic M3 game with some mini-games. There will be many power-ups to purchase at the Spell Shop, Enchanted Spell, Explode Spell etc...I got stuck on the first mini-game, but figured it out Happy Gaming!!

Is there a way that you can scroll over the items for more information on the object? Hope this helps!



Re:spell shop

[Post New]by desktopgaming on Jan 29, 11 2:22 PM
Hi Kleenix,

Click on a spell in the spell shop - a popup appears at the bottom of the screen which tells you what it does. You can click on spells as much as you like - you don't actually buy them until you hit the "buy" button.

When to use them? They all have their uses. Some only work on certain types of tile, and some work on a larger area of tiles - the multi spell is probably one of the most useful as it will remove all tiles which are the same as the one you click on. The shuffle spell comes in handy on some of the more difficult levels, too.

One final hint - the light spell is really useful on levels which have rows of chained tiles as it will let you remove a whole line (or part of a line) of tiles in one hit.

One more thing - there is a hidden cheat mode which gives you infinite spells. I don't think anybody's found it yet.


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