Also stuck on level 28

[Post New]by Akayla3 on Dec 5, 08 8:49 AM
It doesn't seem to matter how I start it or how many different attempts and or ways i try it I just can't get past it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGGGGG
I have been trying for over a month, so if you have any tips please please please let me know.

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Re:Also stuck on level 28

[Post New]by jeannefish on Dec 10, 08 7:28 PM
Hope this helps

Goals (1) Own 10 houses (2) Landscape 8 houses (3) Own 3 Villas upgraded with 3 stars (4) Last minute goal: Own 1 Townhome with +15 Appeal.

In order to get the Townhome with a +15 Appeal you must build it next to a park and paint the house as well.

* Train 2 workers, build a Villa upgrade once and sell right away for $660,000.
* Buy 1,000 materials and build a Recycling Center in an isolated area.
* Buy 5,000 materials.
* Build a Workshop next to the Recycling Center if it's available.
* Train 6 workers for now and buy them Efficiency Training.
* Start building as many Villas as you can, upgrade all the way and inspect them.
* Keep replenishing your materials as often as needed, and always buy the maximum amount you can afford.
* Start buying as many houses as you can, just paint and upgrade them , all that matters is that you own 10 of any kind of house. You want to inspect them because you don't want them to need repair.
* Once you get close to 8 houses, buy the max amount of materials and build a Garden Center.
* Landscape as many houses at once as fast as you can.
* You can choose to destroy one of your buildings (Recycling Center, Workshop or the Garden Center) if you need the lot for houses.
* As soon as you landscape 8 houses you can demolish the Garden Center and build a house instead. This will help you get to your goal of 10 faster.


Re:Also stuck on level 28

[Post New]by sublimelmf on Jun 6, 09 5:17 PM
A couple of levels before and after 28 I started w/ building a recycling center, workshop (and train workers), and a modern house (or 2 moderns, or just upgrade the one). It seems to work out, so for anyone else having trouble you can try that.

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