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water for generator

[Post New]by mysticmomma on Jan 26, 11 11:35 PM
I have been trying for 3 hours on and off to get the water for the generater. But no matter how much I try I can't get the watering can to dip into the spring. Any trick to this? Help please.

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Re:water for generator

[Post New]by mcurty on Jan 29, 11 7:54 PM
The spring is closer to the camper than the generator area -- to the right (when heading from the camper to the generator) of the path you used to get to the generator. It was very hard for me to see it at first. Then I just clicked on water can and clicked it on the spring. Are you sure you are using that spring?


Re:water for generator

[Post New]by Winning_Ticket on Mar 8, 12 9:10 PM
I managed to get the water in the generator, but cannot get the fuel in it. Have an open fuel can in inventory, but get the usual "no can do" message. Have read the walkthru, but am missing something. Can anyone shed some light on this? TIA

Aha, figured this out...had to open the generator tank by clicking on it, THEN, I was able to add the fuel. Til later fishies...

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