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[Post New]by mamills on Jan 27, 11 7:48 PM
went to the walkthrough and did as I was told....
checked the tool box ...told to ask the restorer,
went to the restorer and asked to use the tools... "no problem" she said "go ahead" she said... went to the box and was told to ask the restorer

whats up?

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Re:tool box

[Post New]by cinder555 on Jan 28, 11 9:31 AM
Looks like something is out of place or missed something- Claire should have said to talk to Antoine - the guy outside. If it is a glitch then you have to go back from the beginning

Look to see if you completed all the items and picked up all the items.

You opened the chest, put the puzzle together ?? read everything in your documents ? Check the wind activity and see the planets

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