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End Sequence (spoiler alert)

[Post New]by dfranklin on Jan 31, 11 12:13 AM
Okay, this is just for those who finished the game...read on if you're done or if you don't mind the spoilers...

What the heck?

There seems to be a sequel planned, but it has nothing to do with this story.

Umm...what was that necklace for?

Did it seem like the ending rushed through to anyone else besides me? I guess after wandering around all over the place, maybe it just felt quick at the end?

What happened to Putnam? I guess we were supposed to read the notes to find out what happened to everyone -- I read some of them (like what happened to Tituba and Judge Sewell) but at the end, once you triggered the final sequence that was it...you were stuck going down a certain path (literally) and I didn't try to stop and read, thinking the game would sum itself up. Boy, was I wrong!

I dunno, I kinda liked the game but it just seemed rushed through. I also didn't like that I missed two familiars and have NO IDEA where they were hiding. Seems it could have been better.


Re:End Sequence (spoiler alert)

[Post New]by pandorazfruitcak on Feb 15, 11 12:35 PM
Same here. WAY TOO RUSHED. Unlike you, I did take the time to read my journal near the end and I was STILL missing an "unknown person" so I know I missed something. Not to mention all the inventory I had yet to use. SO disappointed. I was missing some familiars as well. I'm going to try playing again to see if maybe I can delay finishing that stupid model puzzle.

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Re:End Sequence (spoiler alert)

[Post New]by KathyPW11 on Feb 21, 11 12:15 AM
I also thought the ending sequence was rushed. And same deal with the necklace.. what the heck, we find that in the cell only to have the game end? The only reason I got all the familiars, and even through the game, was because I'd check with the walkthru when I was feeling lost. I hate it that so many games nowadays don't include hints for actual puzzles... just hints to help you find hidden objects! I liked the game okay, but they really could have made the ending more satisfying.

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Re:End Sequence (spoiler alert)

[Post New]by Linde36 on Mar 6, 11 9:27 PM
I myself was hoping that the evil guy would be exposed in front of the crowd, or that the Judge would expose him (given the evidence), or somehow he would get his just desserts. The game ended so quickly (after the tree's destruction) that I didn't get a chance to read the journal to see if he was jailed or whatnot.

Overall it was a great game! I just found it a bit insane to go from a dramatic moment in front of a hanging crowd...to BAM!...reunited with mom and ready to hightail it out of Salem. Did anybody happen to know if the bad guy was punished? Oh well, perhaps that is a loose detail for another game...

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Re:End Sequence (spoiler alert)

[Post New]by Weretacha on Mar 18, 11 12:35 PM
Although I didn't read the journal right at the end, before smiling jack decided to take me out to hang me, perhaps the "unknown person" was that guy in the other cell? The one that assures you that you have a beautiful spirit (or something)?

I do hope the Brutus one a) doesn't come with quite so many bugs and b) is actually furnished with a proper ending.


Re:End Sequence (spoiler alert)

[Post New]by l8nytsimmer on Nov 2, 11 5:02 AM
Yup, I agree. The ending was very abrupt. We get no clue whatsoever about who or what caused the lightning to strike the branch and knock down the noose. For a minute or two, I actually had the impression it was those fireflies that did it. They WERE supposed to bring her luck.

I also felt a little cheated because we never found out what happened to Putnam. My maiden name is Porter, and my Dad traced our family back to the Salem incident and beyond. He actually had relatives living in Jamestown! 90% of what went on in Salem was due to the feud between the Porters and the Putnams. Seems the Porters had the best tract of land in the area, with plenty of water, and the Putnams wanted that land for themselves. The Putnams didn't start the witch hunt, though, they just used it to their advantage. It was Reverend Parris' daughters that started it all. Sadly, they WERE indeed experiencing all of the bizarre symptoms they were describing, but it wasn't witchcraft. It was FUNGUS. Ergot Fungus, to be exact, that grew on the Rye grain in the storage bins. Salem had had an unusually wet summer and fall that year, and the storage bins, being made of wood, retained the dampness, allowing the Ergot to thrive. Ergot Fungus, when consumed, is an hallucinogenic, very much like LSD. Those people weren't possessed by witches, they were tripping out!

The Witch insanity spread all over the state, and allowed a lot of people to settle old scores. It all came to an abrupt end, when a woman accused the Governor's WIFE of being a witch. Needless to say, he put a stop to THAT immediately! Unfortunately, it was too late for a great many people who had been tortured and horribly killed.

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