Saving game progress

[Post New]by djvee70 on Jan 31, 11 8:47 AM
Hello COR lovers can anyone out there help me to save my game progress? I get to a certain level in the game and it says that my game will be saved, but when I go back to the game it always starts me back off on level 2.....AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!! Please help out a fellow gamer.

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Sea Anemone
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Re:Saving game progress

[Post New]by yarb on Feb 7, 11 1:46 PM
I've got the same problem. No matter how many levels I achieve, when I come back to the game I'm on level 2 again.

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Re:Saving game progress

[Post New]by pecabo1338 on Feb 10, 11 6:40 PM
You need to make yourself the administrator, at least that's what the game developer said. It's in game properties under compatibility.

I made myself the administrator on my computer when I set it up, so I never had the problem.

What I would do is delete that data file. Then reinstall the game. If you read the developers forum on this game, the early posts all complain about that problem.

Also in the right margin of this page is a green envelope. You can contact BigFish help and ask for help. They are fast and very good.

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