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Hints/cheats -

[Post New]by FeyKina on Feb 1, 11 1:44 AM
For those that don't mind a bit of "cheating" :


It is very difficult at stage 5 and your lives can get eaten up rapidly. So if you do not want to keep returning to the last stage just hit "main menu" before the bricks hit the bottom and you loose. You may wind up playing the same game 10-20 times but to me it that is better than replaying the entire level!

I still have not finished stage 5, so I am no expert but here are the tips that have helped me so far:

- Speed is good but powerups are better

- Make sure you don't accrue a multitude of "grave stones" by clicking too fast, they are what kills you

- Use and understand the PU wisely, they are not obvious - you can hear them

- I try for coins as well but usually go for PU, but I could be mistaken here

- For some reason I do not mind repeating this game, nice music and interesting gameplay. Just a bit disadvantaged playing the computer after a while.

- there are some games that are impossible, so use the main menu technique to keep playing

- start shooting immediately do not wait until the opening screen finishes moving.

- Hit Menu to stop game so you can see if their are moves you missed

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