MOVING GEMS!!!!!!!!!!

[Post New]by boysrus on Feb 2, 11 12:11 PM
Has anyone accomplished this mini-game???? Is there much more to the Annabel game after? I'm ready to uninstall and move on. I've never had to do that! But I've tried the gems about 50 times and my patience is wearing thin. If only the time bar gave more time or you could skip the whole stupid thing!!!! Please let me know if ANYONE has been successful.

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Re:MOVING GEMS!!!!!!!!!!

[Post New]by ElderJen on Feb 22, 11 3:16 AM
Ditto! I just can't win this game and also about to give up. Is there a strategy to it that we should know about?


Re:MOVING GEMS!!!!!!!!!!

[Post New]by bruski13 on Feb 26, 11 4:40 PM
I have tried & tried to beat this mini game. I wish we could skip it. I'll probably NEVER finish the game. BUMMER!!!!

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Re:MOVING GEMS!!!!!!!!!!

[Post New]by GGPat on Mar 15, 11 11:50 AM
I am having the same problem. Maybe we are not supposed to complete this game. You would think they would give us an answer to this quiry.

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Re:MOVING GEMS!!!!!!!!!!

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Mar 15, 11 11:58 AM
Hey Fishies,

I found a post that might help:

Classicaljazz wrote:Hi pcox01,
I saw your entry and a few others similar to it earlier this month when I was stuck on the moving jewels puzzle. I was hoping for some help with it but the most that anyone seemed to be able to offer was the advice to "just keep trying".

After MANY, MANY frustrating failures with this puzzle, an idea came to mind. I decided to try it. Sure glad I did, for I was able to complete the puzzle and see the final portions of the game.

I don't know if it will work for you or not... but it might be worth a few tries.

I just sat and watched the top two rows of the puzzle as they moved across the screen. As I noticed a column of jewels in a color that corresponded with the bottom row, I quickly jotted down the first letter of the color. For instance: B for blue, R for red, etc.

As soon as I wrote down the letter, I quickly watched for the next column of jewels that appeared. Then I jotted down the first letter of that color. I continued to do this until I had 19 letters on my sheet. At that point, it was time to test out the plan to see if it would work. After only about 3 tries, I had successfully completed the puzzle.

I'm not sure I caught every single one... and I also don't know if the sequence would be the same on everyone's game, but here are the letters I wrote down:

If they don't seem to work for you, you could sit and watch your screen and write out your own list of letters and then try it out to see if it would help you complete it.

Keep in mind that there is more than one jewel of at least some of the colors in the bottom row. You have to check out both. I would just set the moving row of jewels in position for the first match on my list and when that one collapsed, quickly set up for the next color on the list. If I saw I had been too slow to catch one, I'd just quickly set up for the next one.

Best of luck! I hope this helps.


If you have a specific question, a great way to search Game Forum is with the Advanced Forum Search under the Search All Forums. From here, you can choose a specific game and type a keyword like "gem" and all of the posts with “gem” will come up! Hope this helps!


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Re:MOVING GEMS!!!!!!!!!!

[Post New]by education69 on Nov 8, 11 7:08 AM
Finally finished Annabel thanks to all the fishies and Gamezebo for your help. This was actually my third try after having bought the game through playfirst and reinstalling it several times due to new computers and repaired computers. Fitting end for the evil prince Amirtekh. Only one problem, If both the museum guide and Annabel (the museum visitor, that is) are descendants of Akhenatken and Annabel (the Egyptian princess) that would make them cousins of some sort, maybe a little bit distant, but still I'm not sure a modern day romance is a good idea.


Re:MOVING GEMS!!!!!!!!!!

[Post New]by jojo29486 on Jan 15, 12 12:42 PM
OMG I thought i was just slow at getting the bar a cross fast enough. I have gotten down to two gems and that dam timer goes off...Im ready to give up on it also!


Re:MOVING GEMS!!!!!!!!!!

[Post New]by funlovingrams65 on Jun 19, 12 1:11 PM
I was also getting frustrated with the moving gems until I saw the input by bfgArnoStyx that came from Classicaljazz. Followed his advice and true it took a few tries but was finally able to complete the game. I just watched how many spaces the top row moved compared to the second row and was able to gage where the gems would be, got down to the last purple, with some time to spare and got it. It seems easy once you know what to look for. Thanks Classicaljazz and bfgArnoStyx.


Re:MOVING GEMS!!!!!!!!!!

[Post New]by funlovingrams65 on Jun 19, 12 1:18 PM
Oh, and one more thing. Don't put down Jet Dogs Stuido. They are the ones that came up with the Millennium Secrets: Emerald Curse and Roxanne's Necklace. Both great games. Have played them a number of times and are a couple of my favorites.

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