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Just finished this cute game.

[Post New]by barbiecats2000 on Feb 2, 11 12:35 PM
Hi fishies - I just wanted to say that this game was a tough one for me. It was very touch and go at times but I just finished it and am sad to see it over.

This was a very challenging game that brought several worlds together. The world of building and the world of puzzles. My favorites. Oh and also TM because there is a timer to get these task done.

Very different and unique so I highly recommend to those who enjoy a challenge. The game begins in the early 1900s and ends in 1980. You have certain tasks/building projects that you have to complete in a time frame but not a lot of frantic clicking or anything vile like that. Once you complete these tasks there are secondary goals that you have to complete such a population and earnings.

Believe me all of these goals are doable but I had to play a level several times in some circumstances. I did not get expert on all levels but am glad to have finished the game.

Give this a try if you want something different.

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