Re:Bonus level 8, 9, 10-Yellow Flag!

[Post New]by CheerfulDragon8 on Dec 6, 08 4:21 PM
I'll second that. I've managed to complete levels 9 and 10 before the time runs out, but only with red flag times.

As for bonus level 8, I put the two woodsmen to work on the boat immediately. I use the workers to build a farm and a lumber mill. I get a scout to collect the gold, increasing to two scouts when I have money/food to spare. Sell the scouts when they've finished collecting. I populate the farm with workers and a scholar, and add workers and a scholar to the mill when I can afford them/have food for them. Once the farm is upgraded to at least 2 stars, I build the academy and the guild. I put scholars to work upgrading these. As the scholars finish with the academy and guild I transfer them to the lumber mill. This increases how quickly i get it to 4 stars. You need to take the farm to 4 stars, too, so you have enough food for all the woodsmen you need.

My times for bonus level 8 range from 6:03 to 6:48, so I know this method works. Now all I need is help with levels 9 and 10.

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