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4.99 special Help already

[Post New]by Lucy24u on Feb 4, 11 8:03 AM
Boy I can't seem to get expert even the early levels. I have chained everything and can't see what more I can do to get expert score. I am talking as early as level 3 I can't get expert. Anyone out there that can help with secrets as to how get expert?


Re:4.99 special Help already

[Post New]by lindseyleann7690 on Oct 17, 14 8:41 PM
Ive got expert on all the levels but the last few but cant get those...However to get expert chain bonuses is the most important and drinking lemonade....try to get all the produce from animals and vegtables before taking them to the barn...and try to always feed the animals all together as well as watering...and if you get the sheep and cows and vegtables clean and going to shed at once will give more points. When the level first starts get ur lemonade and hay for cows ready first...hope this helps

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