20% of the game screen does not show.

[Post New]by joanls24 on Feb 5, 11 7:32 AM
This has happed with other games also so I play them in window mode. This one is too detailed and small to do that. How can I get the game to fill my entire screen? I have searched FAQ's for a solution but to no avail.

This looks like such a satisfying game so I am really disappointed.

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Re:20% of the game screen does not show.

[Post New]by dvdiva on Feb 5, 11 8:30 AM
Hi joan!

This seems like something that the BFG tech support team can help you with. It could be a matter of setting your monitor to the correct resolution. Click on the green envelope on the bottom right of this page to send a message to Customer Support, or for a quicker response, use the live chat feature (for game club members).

I hope your problem gets sorted out! Good luck!

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Re:20% of the game screen does not show.

[Post New]by mardell01 on Feb 5, 11 8:37 AM
Dear Big Fish, I thought I was the only one having this problem. I just updated my computer with more memory and when it returned from the shop I have maybe 20% of my screen that shows the new games that I try to download. All my old games are OK. Would appreciate help in making the necessary adjustments

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