help! why cant i get 5000 revenue? or how please!

[Post New]by dottylotty on Feb 5, 11 8:01 AM
i am only on the 9th level lol of this game and as much as i was enjoying it ive converted the required amount of monsters and built a 3 star school but it does not matter what combination of shops and or attractions i am adding even with maximum upgrades i just can not get the 5000 required revenue, im sure there is a simple answer (i hope) as i was really enjoying this game until i spent the last hour stuck on this level aaaaarrrrggghhh someone please help?



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Re:help! why cant i get 5000 revenue? or how please!

[Post New]by Huso123 on Feb 5, 11 11:42 AM
Build and improve stores. You also need time to supply them with goods. If the buildings are often broken, build next to them Workshop desirable that he stood in center field. Please note that the higher level Workshop, the more buildings it protects against breakage. Protected buildings are highlighted in blue, if you scroll Workshop.

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Re:help! why cant i get 5000 revenue? or how please!

[Post New]by robin94122 on Mar 15, 11 11:35 PM
Revenue is the total rent from all your stores plus all your attractions. You can see the meter at the top center of the screen. The top number is the amount you're about to earn in the next payment cycle--that's your revenue.

The trick is that a property that is broken OR being upgraded earns 0 revenue. So if you keep upgrading, you may actually be lowering your revenue, because the lots being upgraded count zero when you hear the "ka-ching" at the end of the payment cycle.

So try to time your upgrades so that they start right after you hear the ka-ching. That way they should finish before the payment cycle pays out.

Also, since broken properties contribute nothing, you may want to develop more propertyies than the minimum or, as was suggested, use a workshop to lowre the frequency of breakdowns.

A store which has run out of inventory contributes 0 revenue until it gets restocked.

When you hover your cursor over a property in the center of the screen, you can see how much revenue it's currently earning.

When you click on a property and then you hover your cursor over the big star icon at the bottom of the screen, you can see how much revenue the property will earn after it's improved.

In some cases, you may want to tear down a cheaper property and replace it with a higher-earning one.

Good luck!

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