[Post New]by wvickers4952 on Feb 5, 11 5:47 PM
I am in the Acropolis placing pieces for the Glyphstones. All stones are solved except for the Mushroom stone. Have found all mushrooms and placed them. But when I get to the Lightstone and place symbols I replicate the image in the walkthru exactly by I cannot get it to release If you print preview pages for walkthru this is on the top of page 52.. ANY suggestions????????????



[Post New]by pathill on Apr 19, 11 11:01 AM
Help!! Im stuck trying to find the last map piece from the tree house. Used telescope got that piece, where do I go from there. Went to wood glyph says need to find map piece, where is it at. and there is no puzzle.

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[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Apr 19, 11 11:57 AM
Hey pathill,

You might want to use the Search (CTRL + F) function on your computer to look through the walkthrough (you can click on this link) for help with that map piece!

You can type in "map" and jump to the relevant parts of the walkthrough (also located at the top of this Game Forum). Hope this helps!


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