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Vehicle tips

[Post New]by kit1717 on Feb 5, 11 10:59 PM
I checked every vehicle several times on a dozen specific routes (going from place to place across town) to see how the vehicles compared with each other. The chart below indicates the relative improvement, as a percent of walking time, for each vehicle.

Note that some vehicles cost more money, but get you exactly the same amount of improvement over walking. The only difference is the number of happiness points you receive at the time you buy the vehicle. (For me, a momentary bump in happiness is not worth spending extra dollars.)

100% of walk time . . . . . $0 = Walking (no vehicle) [+0 Happiness]
61% of walk time . . . . . $50 = High Roller (Skateboard) [+200]
61% of walk time . . . . . $80 = E-Z Cruiser (Bicycle) [+150]
61% of walk time . . . . $100 = Dart (10-Speed Road Bike) [+200]
54% of walk time . . . . $150 = Surmounter (Mountain Bike) [+250]
54% of walk time . . . . $500 = Wasp (Electric Scooter) [+400]
51% of walk time . . . . $800 = Pico (Compact Car) [+100]
47% of walk time . . . $1000 = Ronin (Motorcycle) [+300]
47% of walk time . . . $1200 = Argo (Bus) [+350]
47% of walk time . . . $1500 = Hedgehog (4WD Pickup Truck) [+400]
44% of walk time . . . $1500 = Armadillo (Minivan) [+350]
37% of walk time . . . $3000 = Toro (Muscle Car) [+500]
37% of walk time . .$10,000 = Chariot (Luxury Car) [+800]

Another player mentioned that the more a vehicle costs, the longer the vehicle would need to be used to make it worth spending the money to shave some time off getting from place to place. All other things being equal, this is absolutely true. In this game, though, sometimes those minutes are really important for accomplishing other things (and sometimes so is the money).

Since travel eats up minutes (and there are only so many minutes available per day), the more you go from place to place, and the farther you travel in doing so, the more important a speedier vehicle becomes.

You will have to decide whether or not the money a particular vehicle costs is worth what it saves you in travel time.

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Re:Vehicle tips

[Post New]by kit1717 on Feb 5, 11 11:00 PM
In case you are not aware of it, you get approximately three fourths (75 percent) of a vehicle’s full price value back if you are willing to sell it at the Daily News, rather than use it as a trade-in (for which you only get about 20 percent).

After you place an ad at the Daily News, wait until the vehicle sells, then walk to the Wheel Deal to purchase your next vehicle. (Make sure you already have enough money to buy the next one so you are not stuck with walking any longer than necessary.)

Just to check on how much you get, I bought (from Wheel Deal) and sold (via ad in the Daily News) the same vehicle a couple dozen times to see what kind of prices I was offered. I received initial offers from 66% of the normal cost to 78% of the normal cost. A majority of the offers were between 71% and 74%. After I could see the pattern, I started rejecting initial offers that were less than 70% of the normal cost because a second offer (from another buyer responding to the same ad) was likely to be higher.

If you use the vehicle as a trade-in when you upgrade to another vehicle, you only get about 20% of the cost, so selling the vehicle and then walking over to the Wheel Deal to buy a new vehicle is a MUCH better deal—especially if you are able to buy the vehicle when it is on sale!

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