Thyme Square

[Post New]by uniquetothepeak on Feb 6, 11 2:53 PM
What is the trick to winning this level?
No matter what I do, I cannot win it.


Re:Thyme Square

[Post New]by kitleong on Feb 9, 11 10:29 PM
you need to know how to earn maximum profit, you MUST buy advertisement.

so... what you need is set a price and test the market. if too many customer dislike the price, you can quit the game before end of the day, then set the lower price and continue.
like state " thyme square", i set my first dish to $23.5, i can sell around 44 and lost 1-2, then i can get $1225(tips included) on first day. my best record is $1342, lowest is $994.
second day you can set to $22.25-22.75.
you need to buy new dish on day 3 because of the daily demand. then buy a new restaurant on day 7-8 or day 10 (daily demand: organic red potato)

if you think the daily challenge is quite hard to accomplish, you can quit to the map and load again, then you will get other challenge.
quit to dinnertown map and load can change the crowds today too.

i think this tip can help you complete the game.

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