Feel cheated

[Post New]by austin148 on Feb 6, 11 3:21 PM
Hi Newbie Here

Has anyone like me just got their game and the next day finished it,one thing I'm happy about is that I didnt get the game from elsewhere as it would have been just under £20. I know I can play it over and over again so maybe I can try to beat my score.Joy

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Re:Feel cheated

[Post New]by shagwendy on Feb 26, 11 7:54 PM
Most casual games only take a few hours to play. If you like longer games you might want to try a Large File Game, they usually takes days and days to play. Some Time Management games also take a long time, like Royal Envoy. Around the World in 80 Days is a long Match 3 game. You can type in "long game" in the Search All Forums" box to your right and get some suggestions, too. Happy hunting.

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