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Level 46

[Post New]by stilldixon on Feb 6, 11 3:48 PM
Anybody got any advice? Seems impossible to even make blue

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Re:Level 46

[Post New]by robin94122 on Mar 20, 11 2:07 PM
The following strategy will make blue easily even for slower clickers, but you may need to be a quick clicker to make green. Plus you need a little luck.

I found I didn't need a magic school-you'll make lots of money from the bookstores so you can buy the magicians that way.

I built the stores before I built the theatres because the stores need to be upgraded to 3 stars each and the theatres only need 1 or 2 to make the smiles requirement.

I only used enough plots to make the minimum, although quick clickers mght want to build an extra bookstore as insurance in case one breaks at just the wrong time.

Start by building 5 tailor shops. Buy magic 500 units (1250 coins) at a time.

If a tailor shop breaks or runs out of inventory, demolish it.
Now you need 9,500 coins to buy two magicians. I just waited for my tailor shops to earn these, but quick clickers might get them faster by selling a tailor shop once you have the necessary 20 thumbs up. If you do that, just buy it back later and replace it with a bookstore.

Build the delivery station and sell it immediately. You want to get at least 16000 for it. Of course 18000 is better so if you like you can just restart the level until you get a high offer right away.
When the delivery station sells, buy 5 more magicians.
Right around now a dragon will come out. Zap it to get a lot of magic.

In the next phase you want to replace all 5 tailor shops with 5 3 star bookstores. It's up to you how you handle upgrading them. You're going to have a lot of money. Keep buying magicians and you can buy magic in the next to the highest quantity as convenient.

Buy back the delivery statiion and upgrade it to 3 stars.

I eventually ended up with 60 magicians. You can make blue with 55.
Zap any monsters when they appear, remembering to zap gold dragons twice.

Once you have all 5 bookstores, you'll have lots of money and lots of magicians. Keep buying magic and magicians and start clearing 4 plots for the theatres.

Build the theatres and upgrade them so there are 2 with 2 stars and 2 with 1 star.

Resupply any bookstores that run out of inventory and you shoudl at least make blue, and green if you're a quick clicker.


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