Town Hall copier

[Post New]by Tiffygeoff on Feb 6, 11 10:43 PM
I have tried to insert the Cat Poster pieces into the copier as suggested in the walk through but nothing happens, they just drop back into the inventory, Also I am unable to increase the number of copies to 4.

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Re:Town Hall copier

[Post New]by dvdiva on Feb 7, 11 1:01 AM
Hi Tiffy!

Here are the steps for using the photocopier:

- Click on the photocopier. Untangle the wires by moving the plugs around, until all the cables are white.
- Load the photocopier with the 4 sheets of paper.
- Lift the cover of the photocopier.
- Insert the cat poster under the lid.
- On the control panel, press the up arrow button to display 4 copies, and push the Start button.

Hope this helps!

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