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Totally stuck on puzzle to get bamboo

[Post New]by hornplayer on Feb 6, 11 11:55 PM
I just bought the game at Best Buy. Like other posters here, I have no Task list either in the journal or on the screen. Where y'all say the task list should be, I have a big red 'hint' button. Right-clicking on the map doesn't produce any white sparkles either. Kinda feel like I got a bit gypped here.
But anyway: I am totally stuck on the puzzle to get the bamboo. I have looked at the walkthrough. The beads described there do not match the beads I have. I am totally unable to make this thing work. Isn't there some way I can bypass this and just get the blasted bamboo? I have struggled with this stupid puzzle for hours today and am ready to toss the game away. I sure hope someone can help me out.

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