level 60

[Post New]by san1912 on Feb 7, 11 2:06 AM
Can anyone help me complete this level. I can only get 274.000 gold!

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Re:level 60

[Post New]by vingilot on Feb 12, 11 9:18 AM
Right away, send your 5 workers to clear the entrance to the mine and keep them working the whole game. This will give you all the wood you need. Send your tax collectors to get the money in the banks and hire 6 workers. Send one to gather the wood next to the mine.

Construct the bridges and clear the first three plots accessible. Build mansions, put up siding right away. Collect your first rents and add the gardens. Keep your tax collectors collecting the bank money, hire three more tax collectors. Upgrade each mansion to one star.

Pay off the pirates as soon as you gather $10K and get mansions built on the other plots, side them, and add the gardens. For happiness between the homes, put the dino statue. That will get you the 660 happiness needed.

Upgrade the homes with stars as you have workers and wood to do so. This is a busy level and you need to keep your workers and tax collectors moving, but it possible to get gold on this level. The most important thing in the money - upgrade the homes that are closest to the castle, as it will take less time for your workers to get there and you don't want to lose rent while you're waiting for them to get to work.

Good luck!

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Re:level 60

[Post New]by unclepaul on Feb 19, 11 8:39 AM
As above, but you have plenty of wood and the gold comes quickly as well.

I found that increasing the workers to 12 and the tax collectors to 6 as needed speeded things up immensely.
With 6 tax collectors you can do a round of mansions and then a round of banks twice.
The mansions require 3 workers each for building and up to two stars and the third star requires 4 workers (by the time you get to the 3rd star the other 6 workers should have finished.
You do not need any gardens as the statues are enough.

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Re:level 60

[Post New]by Girldawn on Mar 6, 11 8:00 PM
Vingilot - Thanks!!! I wanted to beat this level sooooo bad and tried every way I could before looking for help. I followed your instructions to the T and made gold 1st try!!! Yeah thank you!!

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Re:level 60

[Post New]by Mamalita on May 10, 11 5:14 PM
I agree with Uncle Paul. The gardens are unnecessary as the statues will provide the needed amount of happiness. I put the statues in fairly early so that I would be sure to havve enough wood for them. Then I upgraded the mansions until the wood ran out. This way I actually completed the level with gold.

Thanks for all the help.

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