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I made it,Yahoo,I made all the way through

[Post New]by jazz4me on Feb 8, 11 6:41 AM
It was a lot of fun.2 thumbs on this game.It was long and I liked that.When it got about halfway through it got really hard,words I have never heard of.I just worked my lifelines and was careful of the letters I chose.


Re:I made it,Yahoo,I made all the way through

[Post New]by gelles on Feb 22, 11 10:03 PM
Congratulations! I've made it through too, using the same tactics. The first section is the trickiest one, as there are no bonus 'energy' points. Once past the 1st section, there are bonus energy points and also some extra options which help to stay in the game.

Initially I was frustrated with being kicked out then I started all words with e, i, o and a, then r, s, t then on to c l n, all these letters are the most highly used ones. The other useful thing I found is that by clicking on the 'guess' key you can activate it directly and gain extra points. With the 'guess' key, you have to be careful to invoke it when all the letters are already decided, except for one letter (i.e. you are sure that its the correct word), then click on the 'guess' key and last the missing letter.

The reason for using the 'guess' key as above is, if you click on a letter which is incorrect, the pyramid won't accept it and you can continue to click different letters until the correct one is clicked and accepted. But if you click on the 'guess' key early, the pyramid WILL accept the letter, even if the letter is incorrect, and once the whole word is completed, the 'guess' key will show the 'correct' word and zap you for the whole word!

Hope this helps, I DO LIKE THIS GAME, and agree that some of the words are really bizarre. I'm a bit geeky in that I have written down some weird words only to find that they are indeed found in the dictionaries online. One of the latest ones was 'snick' which I'd never heard of. It means the same as 'nick'! Live and learn.

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