[Post New]by illusionsss on Feb 8, 11 7:35 AM
Hi All,
Just finished the game all expert and wanted to share some tips...
First - it was not the best TM game I've played however it was fun and took me some time to finish all expert so worth a buy for me...
Here's some tips:
- Make sure you make combos as they increase the tips which you need at the end to get expert
- Make sure all your customers have full heart when they are paying in order to get more tips. To ensure customers have full hearts during payment use the coffee upgrade and while you are serving customers make sure you give coffee from the begining of the level. That ensures full hearts during payment
- The most challenging level was last level of hollywood. You must serve all customers and make sure no one leaves while waiting for que. That can only be possible by playing over and over again! That's how I did it... Finally served everyone entering the shop and got the expert.
Hope this helps and enjoy the game...

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[Post New]by agray000 on Feb 12, 11 8:45 AM
i can't do it! i just can't get expert on the last level....that last customer gets me every time. maybe i'll try again later. it's making me kinda nuts.

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[Post New]by gtagta on Feb 16, 11 10:59 PM
Max coffee and serve tons of it

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[Post New]by metmichallica on Apr 18, 11 10:00 PM
Thank you for posting tips.

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