Level 26

[Post New]by ElizabethR1533 on Feb 8, 11 9:07 AM
I am on the level where you start with 0 magic and 0 magicians and just two free plots to build on and some cash.
I knew this level would be slow, but how on earth do you get anywhere near gold?
You cannot physically build another plot without 5 magicians, but they cost £5k EACH (okay, they are cheaper if you buy more than one at a time), but you only have 2 plots and the revenue you can get is very limited as you can only build very basic shops as you don't have enough magicians!! It's a ridiculous catch-22! Plus you can't build a Magic School because you don't have enough smilies - but you can't get smilies as you only have two plots!



Re:Level 26

[Post New]by ElizabethR1533 on Feb 8, 11 9:13 AM
Then to add insult to injury, whilst you're waiting an eternity to save up for a another couple of magicians, one of the shops runs out of these to sell..............and you waste another 2k, and more time to stock up! Zzzzzzzz......just waiting here like a lemon.


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[Post New]by ElizabethR1533 on Feb 8, 11 9:15 AM
....oh, and I can't go away and do anything whilst I'm waiting or the dragons will come and destroy my work......LOL


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[Post New]by ElizabethR1533 on Feb 8, 11 9:32 AM
While I finished, but I defy anyone to get gold! LOL

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Re:Level 26

[Post New]by robin94122 on Mar 15, 11 11:16 PM
The following method will get blue easily even for slow clickers. It may get green for quick clickers if you're lucky and get offered a lot for your buildings. Any improvements would be appreciated.

One of the keys to this level is that while you're waiting for inventory to restock you can't do star upgrades on that same building. So the delivery station is helpful, and you should also try not to restock until you need about 80% of maximum.

At the same time, you need the shops to stay open or you can't make the referrals.

I found it easier to make revenue by going for 6 jewelry stores with 3 stars each rather than more shops with fewer stars, but quicker clickers might want to try both strategies.

Buy 4 magicians.
Zap all monsters as needed.
Build an herbal shop.
Build a tailor.
ASAP, buy one magician.
When you buy the 5th magician, demolish the Tailor.
Build a delivery station where the Tailor was.
Sell the delivery station immediately. Here's where luck comes in. It's worth 12,000, so don't take less than 13,200. But if you get offered 18,000, it will help a lot.
Buy 150 magic.
Demolish the Herbal Store and build a Jeweler.
With the money from the delivery station, buy 1500 magic.
Clear two plots.
If you have extra money, you can buy more magic and upgrade the jewelry store as convenient. Start upgrading right after the ka-ching so you don't lose a payment cycle.
Buy a 6th magician ASAP.
Build a 2nd jewelry store on one of the two plots you just cleared.
As soon as you have 40 revenue, build the magic factory.
Buy as much magic as you can afford at the cheaper price.
Sell the Magic Factory and buy 5 more magicians
As soon as convenient, buy back the delivery station. Make one round of deliveries close to the station, then sell it again for a profit.
Clear another plot and build a 3rd jewelry store.
Now that you have 14 magicians, start upgrading the jewelry stores, trying not to miss payment cycles.
Clear two more plots and build two more jewelry stores for a total of 6.
Buy the delivery station back when convenient.
buy some more magicians, at least enough to make the goal and a few extra if you want to buy 5 at a time.
Restock when the buy level gets to 6,000 at each shop.
Just keep upgrading jewelry stores and keeping them stocked. The delivery station will help.
You'll make blue easily.

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