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Level 4, Elite, Master score, is it possible?

[Post New]by sandyq1 on Feb 10, 11 10:33 AM
I played through the entire statium at the elite difficulty level and got every single upgrade and still can not come close to getting an expert score let alone a master score. In fact it took forever just to get the goal score. It seems I have tried ever combo possible, putting the bathroom people in chairs first, putting fry people in chairs first, putting ice cream people in chairs first.. nothing comes close. Tried color combo when possible but that doesnt do the trick. The only "swap" I can do is the old lady in line that eventually wants ice cream, then fries.. i can swap her with a fry person but that is the only swap i can find.. what is the trick?

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Re:Level 4, Elite, Master score, is it possible?

[Post New]by jewel47 on Feb 13, 11 2:28 AM
I wish I had some advice because that would mean I had actually gotten master score. I am in the same boat, I have tried a ton of different combos and still can't get master. I hope someone solves this one, and gives us poor lost players some help!

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Re:Level 4, Elite, Master score, is it possible?

[Post New]by agray000 on Feb 14, 11 5:45 AM
i'm with y'all...not even an expert score yet.


Re:Level 4, Elite, Master score, is it possible?

[Post New]by lauramstuckey on Feb 14, 11 10:27 AM
Me too, guys!! So frustrating. I come within like $5 everytime. If anyone figures it out, post it asap!!!

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Re:Level 4, Elite, Master score, is it possible?

[Post New]by vannalle on Feb 15, 11 5:47 PM
I'm not playing it in "Elite" yet, but it took me a while to solve this one in "difficult".
The only way seems to be the swapping bonus( $10) and catching the ball($10) The color combos doesn't give you enough money to get master.
But you never know when the costumers will want what you need they to do... so it's a try and try again situation...
If you make enough swapping you'll get master

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Re:Level 4, Elite, Master score, is it possible?

[Post New]by msudean on Feb 16, 11 7:38 PM
I have played it like 43273223942 times and can't even reach the goal. GRr!


Re:Level 4, Elite, Master score, is it possible?

[Post New]by wastingtime135 on Feb 18, 11 11:26 AM
Same problem here..I wonder if it is another bug?


Re:Level 4, Elite, Master score, is it possible?

[Post New]by squigglyhopper on Feb 21, 11 8:59 AM
I managed to get to within 6 points of master score, but I gave up trying after that. All I can say is that I do the old lady on the chair first, and keep the blue icecream person on the fries stand and while waiting for the old lady to take her ice cream I do all the other people as quickly as possible. I sit them all down when they're not doing anything to free up the stands. I swap the old lady with the fries and then carry on. The thing to do is to do everything so quickly that no one loses any patience. I think that's the only way to get Master - to keep everything moving smoothly so that no one gets annoyed. However, I always get a couple of people who lose their patience so I can never get the perfect score. It is really frustrating - I can get master on every other level and this one is killing me!!

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Re:Level 4, Elite, Master score, is it possible?

[Post New]by RiffRandell on Feb 27, 12 10:52 PM
Here's how I got Master score playing Elite.

Bea is not present during this level.

I had all upgrades.

You will need to have an even number of blue and red people, or at least 6 -4. If you have too many of one color, restart the level.

When the game starts move the senior standing in line to a matching seat. Move the people standing at restrooms to seats.

Move the people standing at ice cream to restrooms.

Move the fries people to the ice cream.

Move the people from the stands to the fries, except the senior who was waiting in line; she goes to ice cream. You will be able to do a swap between one standing at ice cream and one standing at fries, for 10 points.

Try to color match if you can but it's not always possible.

Only use two exit turnstiles. Make sure to color match on them!

If you get too many people wanting the exit grab them and seat them; don't just leave them in place!

Remember the senior ladies are more patient than the other customers so you can exit them last.

It will take a lot of practice to be fast enough at this pattern to have enough hearts left to reach Master. Just keep trying!

I hope this helps and good luck to everyone.

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