chapter 9- the code i have to decipher

[Post New]by nanaboonana381 on Feb 10, 11 1:15 PM
i am up to the code for the dictionary, if i read the clues given, it 1 left, 1 right, 1left, right, right, it appears there is no #2 symbol,on the lock, , i read where someone say use like a combination lock, does that mean i go all the way around to were it started and then go one right, i have done this game at least 10 times, and more at each level, my combo lock starts on the number 11,[on a clock], if i click after 1 move, it says we need to decipher the code . how do i read the code on the lock, left to right, or up and down, because the two remainder symbols show 2 symbols, that read right ,right, how do i do that on a combination lock. thank you in advance for helping me out here, love big fish games, , and me at this moment with the game

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