Can't leave dollhouse

[Post New]by halice3115 on Feb 10, 11 2:54 PM
I have placed the last doll in the dollhouse. The flashback cut scene which is referred to as the movie in strategy has played, but I cannot return to the corridor. The sock doll says " you cannot leave the house, you aren't done!" I have exited out of the game several times, the "movie" plays each time I enter the game....

All the dolls are gone except the little girl and I haven't received the key.

Any suggestions?


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Re:Can't leave dollhouse

[Post New]by bfgDonau on Feb 10, 11 3:38 PM
Hi halice3115!

I'm going to lock up this thread as it looks like a duplicate, but hopefully some fellow players will be by to help you in your other thread here soon!


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