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[Post New]by Rabid_Chipmunk on Feb 11, 11 12:04 AM
I have beat all the levels at expert and have gone back to top my scores. My overall score is 297k+ and I'm trying for 300k. I'd love to know any other people's top scores.

TIPS to get you to get each level expert level:
-Build a 2nd guy almost every time first.
-Build buildings and get wood before anything else. Try to upgrade your buildings as fast as possible, including cutting down trees.
-To upgrade a building, wait until it gives a resource. Then send 1 guy to upgrade and 1 guy to get resource.
-Get rid of obstacles towards buildings as soon as you so you can build them and get their resources.
-Next max out your number of guys in your main building
-Keep your guys busy(though if I expect some resources to pop up any second, I might keep 1-2 at home to get those.)
-Later in the round see if you even need certain resources anymore and instead use your men to make roads and only get the resources you need to complete the level.
-Finally, if you fail your first time, then remember the resource that you needed the most at the end. Focus on building and upgrading the building that gives you that resource early the next time you try.


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[Post New]by sjmiller05 on Feb 12, 11 5:40 PM
I just completed all levels and scored 289,500. Now on to Roads of Rome 2

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[Post New]by Tikatoy on Mar 2, 11 11:20 AM
I don't remember what my score was (and have already uninstalled the game ), but I did get on expert on everything. Here are my tips:

1) If you get the resource power up (looks like a blue sack) at the beginning of the game, pick it up and chop down trees madly (and gather other resources if there are any) before the bonus timer runs out. You get +1 resource (so 3 wood instead of 2 for each tree) which is a huge advantage at the beginning of the game.

2) After initially upgrading the camp to get 2 workers (which was my first move on almost every level) and building a sawmill, try to build one of each building (farm, quarry, etc.) before upgrading anything else. And try to build a storehouse ASAP as this gives you a bonus to every gathered resource! Then upgrade that or the camp, depending on how many workers you need. This way, you will maximize your resource gathering.

3) Balance the rate at which you explore/expand. Typically you want to start building your road ASAP as that is the most time/resource-consuming task. And remember, you can clear obstacles ahead of the road AND build a piece of road at the same time. Later on, you typically have to clear obstacles to reach crystals/idols/runestones/etc. Sometimes there are 3 or 4 "paths" that need to be cleared. Try to keep these paths of even lengths, i.e. if 1 path has 10 obstacles in the way, and another has only 5, if resources are limited, clear the one with 10 obstacles first.

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