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Your Comments and Reviews for Lucid

[Post New]by gimmegames on Feb 11, 11 3:09 PM
I just finished playing the hour demo. Tip - if you leave the game and come back, choose the Continue button rather than the Start button, since Start is like New Game. Because of this, I played the first 11 levels (or so) twice, so my review doesn't extend beyond that.

Best feature - unique and untimed gameplay. It's a chain match-3, but all adjacent cubes of the same color must be in the chain or it's a "no go". Also, you are tasked with what color to collect and sometimes are given a minimum number of them to get at once.

Music is fine, gameboard is nice and colorful. Background and gratuitous movement for FX and transitions is *not* aesthetically nice in my opinion.

Haven't run into any mini-games or other breaks from the one type of gameplay - so far anyway. It seems very behind the times in that regard.

I'll likely use a punchcard coupon on it, because I like match-3's with unique gameplay, and the gameboard is decent enough.

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Re:Lucid - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by ecblisa on Feb 12, 11 10:48 AM
I join in what gimmegames said and would add that you should sign in when you start to play, sign in again when you want to continue, and absolutely do not by accident hit start rather than continue, because it will wipe out your saved game without warning.

I also agree that the game leaves something to be desired in technical aspects and sophistication, but it really is great fun to play. I am now past level 20 on my secong game (yes, I accidentally wiped out my first at level 15), and the game often demands 4-cube chains, which can be devilishly hard to put together, especially if you keep having to use exploding cubes that reset the board. The combination of some very interesting initial boards, the call for specific colors to be able to finish the level, and the fun of planning your moves make a great combination. It's a very relaxing game -- no time pressure, nice music, and the levels get gradually more challenging. For those who like a match-3 with some real differences, I'd say it's a must-have. Don't be deceived by the fact that it may seem repetitive at first -- it has a lot of interesting challenges.


Re:Lucid - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by pvf147 on Feb 12, 11 3:16 PM
sorry I bought this game .. seems pretty pointless.. even with the save and continue aspect it is a lame game.. I could throw pennies at the wall and have more fun.. I think for the first time with BF I feel gyped..


Re:Lucid - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by africangreylady on Feb 12, 11 9:44 PM
This is a pretty nice M3 game. It's different and I didn't find it as boring as some posters have. I don't always want to play a game where I need to concentrate. This is just a relaxing game that doesn't take a lot of brain power to play; for times when I don't want to have to think about what to do, or where to go next in a

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Re:Lucid - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by gimmegames on Feb 13, 11 7:21 AM
Finally found out how you can lose at this game - and been doing it a lot since round 43 lol. The way you lose is to run out of moves on the board. Your score then resets to zero and you can try the level again if you choose to. From round 43 on, it's taking me a couple tries to beat each round - I'm up to about 46 or so now I think.

Here's how it gets challenging: You are trying to do the tasks, and the trickier ones call for at least 3 of one color, and the few cubes of that color are scattered around the board. So you have to remove other blocks to get 3 together. If you're not careful, a large group of blocks of the same color forms that you can't remove because the shape of the group isn't right for doing that, and that's how you can wind up with no moves on the board and lose.

I imagine my strategy will get better as I play more, but I did want to stop and answer the question of "what's the challenge here?".

One comment I've seen has to do with the rounds ending magically - which was the impression I first got when I demo-ed this game. But if you look in the upper left corner of the gameboard, there's a circle that fills up as you do tasks. The round ends when that circle is full.


Re:Lucid - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by africangreylady on Feb 14, 11 8:23 PM
This is actually a pretty addictive little game, and not nearly as easy as it first appears!

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Re:Lucid - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by Genet1770 on Feb 19, 11 5:35 PM
As so often before, I agree with gimmegames. And I also agree that this game is addictive. It's just the type I've been crying for in other forums, an M-3 that gives me the time to plan my moves. Unlike Age of Emerald, which, when you remove tiles, will fill the emptied areas by the direction you followed in the removal (if that makes sense), Lucid drops the tiles from the top and this makes things somewhat easier to plan, when you're lucky enough to have the colors you want in the right places to begin with. If that ALSO makes sense, lol.

But I have a question about that little circle up in the upper left, and that is that it sure does act like a timer to me. It might be that I am completing the number of tasks for that round and just get so engrossed I don't see that, but I keep getting the impression that the circle fills up as I take a move, whether it's one to prepare a chain, or one to remove the chain itself, and that when I have made enough moves of one type or the other, the circle fills, and that's that.

A point: If you do fail at a level it automatically starts you again at that level, which I like. And for beginners, if a level isn't working for you just start from another area.

AND I most heartily agree with gimmegames on the visuals here, too: the FX are not comfortable for me at all. The FX for the ending of each level is okay, though I find it unattractive and unnecessary, but I don't at all care for the movement of the cubes as my cursor passes over them. The music is okay, not bad, in fact.

I too kept wiping at first by hitting the start before I saw the continue button. You have to bring up your name before you begin each log on even if you're the only player listed. Then select your name and the continue button pops in, just as ecblisa said. Until I caught on to that, I got a lot of practice learning the game without going anywhere, lol.

Question: why do certain cubes "light" at various times? For instance, I may be seeking a gold chain, and a red cube in its own little group with suddenly begin sort of flashing. Why?

Another question: why the ghostly hand cursor passing over various cubes in another area from where I am working? Anybody know? I thought it might be a hint, but doesn't appear to be a good one if so.

It's a fine game, tho, all in all, and well worth buying. I'm glad I did.

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Re:Lucid - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by Purple_One on Feb 22, 11 3:41 PM
Hi all, I like the game but I don't know what to do with it, LOL. At first, I was ready to delete it because of the stupid ghost hand playing its own game while I was playing mine. I think it finally gave up. I have no idea what to do with a board that came up with most of the blocks one color but no way to play the few oddball tiles there are without even a pair to click on. I was hoping to find some instructions somewhere; but, it looks like its just guess and by golly as to how to play the game. Maybe I'll run across some later in here. Thanks for any help on this. God bless.

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Re:Lucid - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by bfgDonau on Feb 22, 11 4:27 PM
Hi everyone!

Thanks for getting this thread started! I'm going to go ahead and sticky it at the top of the Forum.

Remember, a lot of people who will be reading this thread will have never played the game before. If you are posting spoilers, be sure to include SPOILER ALERT at the top of your post.

If you're encountering any technical issues with the game, please be sure to post them in the Post any Lucid technical issues here only thread and to also get in touch with Customer Support. This way we can keep this thread reserved just for reviews.

Thanks and happy gaming!


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Re:Lucid - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by ember89 on Feb 26, 11 8:00 PM
my feel is that this is very much "bejeweled" gone chain... and i'm not at all fond of chain-style M3's...

the gem-colored blocks are bright and the back-ground is 'out of this world' but i'm just not taken in...

to all you other fishies out there, enjoy your lucidity!

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Lucid

[Post New]by Liasmani on Aug 11, 11 9:53 AM
Graphics – 2.5 stars
Story – 2.5 stars
Music/Sounds – 3 stars
Gameplay – 2.5 stars
Overall – 2.625 stars

My ratings of games can be high as 5 and can be low as 1.

Ratings Explained:

1 star: Poor
2 stars: Okay
3 stars: Good
4 stars: Great
5 stars: Excellent

I won’t be purchasing this game at all. For those who did – Happy Gaming!

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Lucid

[Post New]by whoanelly on Sep 4, 12 11:43 PM
I loved this game because I thought it was going to easy and relaxing. But after a while I found it could get downright difficult. I actually fuss at the game. But it is addictive. I don't play the music or sound effects. I find repetitious music especially annoying on any game.

I am stuck on level 54 with all the red and blue tiles. I can get rid of them okay but it seems to cause problems after that. I think the game is programmed not to give the needed tiles and I am stuck. I had gotten pretty good at planning and watching for the accumulation of too many tiles. I noticed you need to keep some plays open at the bottom to bring tiles down when too many accumulate in one color but can't be used because of shape. I have played this level so many times I am frustrated. There has got to be a trick on the timing of eliminating the blue or the red first in order to even make you first play. And then when to go for broke and eliminate the other large grouping, if you can after some plays.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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