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Level 15 help please?

[Post New]by chilco on Feb 11, 11 10:22 PM
I've tried to get gold on 15 too many times to count. Any input?


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Re:Level 15 help please?

[Post New]by robin94122 on Mar 11, 11 6:30 PM
The key to this one is to do the minimum required.

You need to buy the workshop, but it does not need to be working, so you don't need any smiles, which means you don't need any attractions. So don't buy the elephant.

You need 5 tailor shops with 3 stars. The one you will buy already has 3 stores, so you can buy it towards the end if necessary.

So the only thing you have to do is build 4 tailor shops, upgrade each to 3 stars, keep them stocked (otherwise they "close"), and at some point buy the workshop and the other tailor shop.

You will need to buy one extra magician because you need 6 to do the upgrade to 3 stars.

Also remember that while a shop is being upgraded, it doesn't bring in any revenue. So wait until the end of a payment cycle (you can see the meter at the top of the screen). As soon as you get paid, click on a building to upgrade it so it will complete before the next payment cycle.

Take out monsters whenever they appear.
Buy 500 magic.
Clear 1 plot.
Clear a 2nd plot.
Buy 500 more magic.
Build two tailor shops.
Clear a 3rd plot.
Build a 3rd tailor shop.
Buy 500 more magic.
Clear a 4th plot.
Build a 4th tailor shp.
Collect money, then upgrade 1 to 1 star.
Buy 500 magic. This should be all the magic you need.
Collect money, then upgrade the 2nd to 1 star.
When a shop needs $1,000 or more, buy more inventory.
Now just keep upgrading the shops, taking care to have at least 2 collecting revenue each cycle.
Repair any shop that gets broken.
Buy the workshop when it's available.
Buy a 6th magician and upgrade the shops with a 3rd star.
Remember to keep the stores stocked.
Buy the 5th tailor shop when it's available.
Now just collect money until you meet the 20,000 goal.
You should make gold easily.

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