Level 63 Help

[Post New]by bmlccroft on Feb 12, 11 6:34 AM
I would like to leave the game with gold but can only do this with your help.

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Re:Level 63 Help

[Post New]by vingilot on Feb 12, 11 9:53 AM
This one requires a lot of wood and a lot of money to make the wood. So clear the woodpiles and plots. Right away build the sawmill and get it running, making as much wood as you can with the $50K given.

Use the four plots in front of the castle for the buildings. Start with the sawmill and market first, the sawmill closest to the castle. Start building the houses, one of each, on the five plots that arch around the side and top of the castle.

Don't worry too much about collecting the rents, especially for the cottage and cabin as they bring in the least income. Get those upgraded and put up gardens, then you can ignore them. Build the other homes. Don't forget the siding!

Build the bank, upgrade the other homes, collect the rents on the mansion and villa. Collect the rent on the chalet if you have a tax collector available. Keep the sawmill running with the money from the market and once you have the wood, build the workshop and keep that running.

Add the lanterns on the sides of the castle and the statue last.

I only hired two extra workers, and no extra tax collectors. Keep your workers moving, and keep an eye on your wood so that you can get things built/upgraded as soon as possible.

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Re:Level 63 Help

[Post New]by unclepaul on Feb 19, 11 8:01 AM
1. Send out the 5 workers to clear debris in front of the castle. Try and clear the two front positions nearest the castle as soon as possible.
2. Build a sawmill on one, run it for 1600 twice , and after enough wood made a marketplace on the other.
3. Continue clearing more debris to make the other two positions in row in front of castle and also the eastmost and westmost position. Clear the rest of the areas as you have workers available.
4. Try to trade well to get as much money to run the sawmill and get as much wood as quickly as possible.
5. Hire more workers up to 8. Build a workshop and keep it running throughout .
6. Build a mansion, then a villa and side them.
7. Build a bank as you start to collect rent.
8. Continue building and siding each of the other types of homes and side them.
9. Start upgrading from the mansion and villa downwards leaving the cottage and cabin for later. Don't bother collecting rent from the cottage and cabin as it takes attention away from other important tasks.
10. Run the sawmill to provide wood for upgrading, and when finished upgrading add gardens. Run the workshop to provide timber for trading and collecting gold from rents, the marketplace and the banks to keep the sawmill running , you should be able to quickly build up enough wood to build a statue and two lanterns.
11. If you have periods where you have small amounts of wood and are waiting for the sawmill / workshop to deliver, upgrade and add gardens to the cabin and cottage as they require little.

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Re:Level 63 Help

[Post New]by Mamalita on May 10, 11 9:58 PM
Thank you for your help! I've finished the game with all gold stars and can now unlock the expert mode. I'm not sure that I want to at this point. The regular level was difficult for me.

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