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Hollywood level 2

[Post New]by amok on Feb 12, 11 11:07 AM
A little bit of maths:

There is a total of 16 customers in this level.
The expert goal is $800.
This means each customer needs to leave $50.
With full set of hearts and combos the maximum you can get out of each customer is $50.

The first customers do not have combos = can not reach $50 = can not reach the total of $800. Lets say you are perfect with first customer and gets $47 - that means that the maximum amount you can get for the rest of the game is $797...

Is the game broken or have anyone found a way around this?

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Re:Hollywood level 2

[Post New]by pink13 on Nov 13, 11 9:05 AM
You can do this -- don't mix the sexes... use a FEMALE and a MALE chair and never mix them... those combos pay more I think that's how I did it


Re:Hollywood level 2

[Post New]by wantfish on Jul 10, 13 10:39 AM
You have done better than me. I can only get 775. I don't mix sexes and start over if someone leaves. Please help me. I cant pass the mini games on expert either (after the first five levels). If anyone could assist me and others, it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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