cant get past level 10

[Post New]by burrusc on Feb 12, 11 11:55 PM
please help. i cannot get past level # 10. I am ready to quit already.

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Re:cant get past level 10

[Post New]by x2kul on Apr 8, 11 1:45 PM
Welcome to the pond burrusc!

Your post is 2 months old, but I only discovered DD about 2 weeks ago. Finished them all, so just started CD. I think level 10 is INSANE!!! There are posts from people saying how much easier this is than DD, but I totally disagree! I quit level 10 to take a break because everyone's steaming at me LOL

Also, I hate if I click the wrong food and have to lose points or think I have enough time to clear dishes for a chain only to burn food and have to recook and lose points again.

Did you ever get it? I'm about to try again, and don't want to look up tips!


Re:cant get past level 10

[Post New]by littleone501 on Aug 20, 11 10:24 AM
I can't get past level 10 either. Any help would be appreciated.


Re:cant get past level 10

[Post New]by christianfith27 on Jan 14, 12 7:19 PM
any body get past level 10 please any tips would help.

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Re:cant get past level 10

[Post New]by RiffRandell on Sep 6, 12 6:37 PM
Level 10 is different from the previous nine. Color match if you can but speed is more important. Use your radio often and keep the vegetables ready to go for the biz women. Remember the biz women are the least patient, then the girl, then the seniors, so skip the seniors if there are others waiting. Seat as many as you can. The orders are very simple, vegetables, shakes, ice cream, donuts and sandwiches. Have sandwiches ready at all times; when you take one immediately click for Grandma to replace it. Same with the shakes: before you pick it up grab a fruit to replace it. Keep a pot of vegetables cooking; it's okay to miss the perfect cooking, just don't let them burn. Get as many chains as you can, especially for picking up checks and clearing dishes. Also, use your coffee.

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