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Level 5.6 not expanding the castle

[Post New]by sja1 on Feb 13, 11 12:41 AM
The first time I completed this the timer was right on the nightfall line, so okay I just figured that the guy hadn't spoken yet, but I missed the boat. But I played again and I can see that there is still time left before the timer line but the castle isn't expanded even though the flag showed gold. Am I just tired or has anyone else had this problem?

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Re:Level 5.6 not expanding the castle

[Post New]by chevyqueen on Jun 12, 13 8:37 AM
I noticed that even after the last bridge on the right was built that my workers wouldn't leave. Then I noticed a tiny strip of snow that was blocking the road. It just looks like part of the road. This might be your problem.

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