trailer 2

[Post New]by dobbiemijnboekje on Feb 14, 11 6:09 AM
I was looking by google and I saw that they talking about trailer 2. But I am not sure. I hope so that it's coming soon!

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Re:trailer 2

[Post New]by mcurty on Feb 14, 11 2:31 PM
There is an interview with the author on a game review site done in November. At that time they planned to have episodes 1-4 out about the same time and were not sure how to package it -- one at a time or together. Seems they decided together. Then they were going to take a bit of a break to complete 5-8. No idea of how long that means. I'm really hoping it's before the end of the year.


Re:trailer 2

[Post New]by dobbiemijnboekje on Feb 15, 11 12:42 AM
Thanks, I wait and wait.

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