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Level 10

[Post New]by srags1 on Feb 14, 11 2:42 PM
I flew right through game in the "Try it" mode but then as soon as I bought it at Level 10 I fail every time. Any suggestions?

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Re:Level 10

[Post New]by lovemybook on Feb 19, 11 11:31 AM
With you. I am usually quite good at these games, have done the Megaplexes at the Insane level, but there must be something I am missing here. I tried putting everyone in the chairs and doing swap as the hints suggested, but I can't even pass it at the normal level.

I've found when that happens there is usually something I just don't "get". If I cant get past level 10 at normal...

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Re:Level 10

[Post New]by alfurton on Jun 1, 11 2:59 AM
are you playing level 10 elite? because I have been playing for days have every upgrade and 3000.00 and 35 stars and can't even get close to amount please help


Re:Level 10

[Post New]by greeknose58 on Nov 2, 11 11:15 PM
I hope someone can answer this question . . . I'm having the same problem! Have tried over and over and over again. Closest I've gotten is 740. Anybody???


Re:Level 10

[Post New]by QueenieBabe on Dec 28, 12 8:08 AM
I'm also stuck on level 10. I have tried putting everyone in the chairs and doing swap as the hints suggested, but I can't even pass it at the normal level.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re:Level 10

[Post New]by RiffRandell on Dec 30, 12 7:50 AM
I just played Level 10 in Normal mode and got 854. If you haven't passed the level remember to play through the end so you keep making money for upgrades. If you get frustrated and restart you forfeit any money you've made.

Make sure you have "multiple commands" enabled in the menu options.

There are three colors in this level - blue, red, green - so you'll need at least 3 restrooms, exits and stations, except for the cotton candy which only has 2 stations. It's even better to have four stations at the fries, ice cream, and soda, so you can have two stations that are the same color as the mayor so he doesn't have to wait if someone is on his color.

Avoid putting a customer on the restroom that matches the mayor's color unless you're sure the mayor doesn't want it, i.e., if the mayor is in between needs wait to see what he wants before you move someone to his restroom.

Swap only within colors on this level. Chaining is important.

Watch for swaps! If a red person at the ice cream wants a seat and a red person at the fries wants ice cream, put the person at the fries in a red seat and then swap them! This is an important strategy throughout the game.

When the level starts grab the mayor immediately and put him where he wants to be. Then click on a few repairs and grab some people and put them where they want to be, click on more repairs, etc. You need to repair everything before you start cleaning up. Leave repairing the seats for last unless you have less than for each color.

Start cleaning, clicking 3 or 4 messes and then stopping if you need to repair something. Remember right clicking clears Bea's tasks. You must clean the messes to keep everyone's hearts up.

You can use the balloons in this level! But don't neglect repairs or messes to use them.

The football for Bea to catch sometimes shows up late in this level. If it hasn't come in before your last customer leaves, pick up the customer and hold them until you hear the whistle. Then put them in a seat, catch the football, and continue with the last customer.

I've completed the entire game, every level at every difficulty, with a master score....One thing that helps me is to always have a red mayor. If a mayor level starts and he's a different color I restart until he's red. It's easier for me to keep track of him that way. That's just my preference; go for blue if you'd rather.


Re:Level 10

[Post New]by LizNCostume on Mar 1, 13 3:16 PM
Got the master on Elite! RiffRandell's advice is right on. It clicked for me when I started giving the mayor a slot of his own on the soda, fries, and ice cream, until the end where I prioritized to get more coins.

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