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Babylonia 2 ??

[Post New]by machamc on Feb 15, 11 1:39 PM
First of all, I love the game and am so glad I tried the demo because I really didn't care for the Jewel Match games much but loved the original Babylonia and played it over and over.

The jewels, music and specialty items are the same as Babylonia and the game plays much more like Babylonia than Jewel Match. It seems like this should be named Babylonia 2 rather than Jewel Match 3. I wonder if the developers are the same for both games.

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Re:Babylonia 2 ??

[Post New]by LizzieK on Feb 15, 11 2:03 PM
Other games by the developer Suricate Software

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The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Juice Mania

Jewel Match 2

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Re:Babylonia 2 ??

[Post New]by ecblisa on Feb 15, 11 10:28 PM
I agree. (See my review, where I also mentioned this.) Except for not being about Babylonia, this is a very similar game. Which is fine with me, because I loved that one also.

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