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this game is boring!

[Post New]by buckeyelibra on Feb 15, 11 8:20 PM
it was full of repetitions. I don't mind a few but this was riduclous! I don't like find the differences and this game had loads of them! I forced myself to keep playing but finally gave up and quit. Sorry I bought this game! X 5


Re:this game is boring!

[Post New]by fishietoo on Feb 24, 11 6:51 PM
You are sooooo right!!! This is the worse game I ever played. Unfortunately, I bought it... DON'T BUY THIS GAME. Oh, hum...

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Re:this game is boring!

[Post New]by lovetoocraft on Jul 31, 11 5:19 PM
I LOVED this game! Puzzles are often difficult for me to figure out, however, for the most part, I am able to work these puzzles.

The idea of working the same area with different techniques IE: hidden objects, pictures, evidences, etc, gave the game a nice twist. I wish more games would pick up on some of these ideas.

There are not many games I replay, but this is my favorite game out of all I have purchased over the past 4 years...and I have a LOT of games


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