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how do you get the binoculars that hilda gives you and what does hilda mean by eleph,tren,one bum that was on the gifts she gave jenna,andy and holt?

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[Post New]by ledheadmelli on Mar 12, 11 6:51 PM
At your laptop screen, in the upper left corner is a 'game' called Anagram Scrambler. Click on that and it will help you rearrange the letters. I believe it will also give you a clue if needed. Hint: Hilda would want a way to contact you.

She will then give you new coordinates, which lead to a floating buoy (near #8?) in the water. Open that for the binoculars.

Also, make sure you call that Casey guy about the shipwreck the wood came from, because otherwise, Andy might have his shop closed everytime you go and you will not be able to follow Hilda's next instruction.

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