Fort Worth

[Post New]by DannieGirl on Feb 16, 11 3:53 AM
Can anyone tell me how to win the town of Fort Worth? I have bought 19 houses and have not won. Are there 20 houses or do you have to have a high percentage in your reputation to own the town.
Without winning the town I can't progress!

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Re:Fort Worth

[Post New]by swankme on Aug 30, 12 10:49 PM
i wonder if you are still having this problem or u have resolved it because the same is happening to me. i have bought all the houses like i do in every town but ft worth i cant seem to own the city. just seeing if you ever figured it out

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Re:Fort Worth

[Post New]by sewbizzy on Oct 9, 12 10:15 PM
Just in case anyone is still having trouble owning all the houses in Fort Worth - don't forget to buy the stagecoach platform - it has no roof, so doesn't seem like a buyable property, but it is! And as it is a little tricky to see (it's kind of right in the center of the fort), it's easy to overlook.

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