Stuck in Bar and Motel

[Post New]by sqelton on Feb 16, 11 5:12 PM
The game keeps taking me to making a Blueprint even if Motel, Bar and a 3rd item has already been checked. I'm stuck!!!! Anyone have the same experience being stuck... and there is no way but to exit?


Re:Stuck in Bar and Motel

[Post New]by PhaedrasPhantasy on Jan 31, 13 4:44 AM
Have you leveled them up to all three stars? If it accepts a click, it's not leveled all the way up.....can't think of anything else it might be. I know it looks like that 3rd star is lit up, but if you click it it will set that star in place. I was still able to go ahead and make blue prints for the other items before I leveled those up to 3 though as long as I had enough stars to do so, so not sure if that's the problem you are having or not.

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Re:Stuck in Bar and Motel

[Post New]by cdnmsmom on Dec 10, 13 10:06 AM
Having that problem as well...the level tells me I need level 3 motel (which I have) and level 1 bar (I now have level 3). Still I'm not able to play the level. Either I'm doing something wrong or the game is stuck somehow!! Frustrating!

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