Getting trophy on "Suppliers" level?

[Post New]by Dolphin__Girl on Dec 8, 08 6:31 PM
I've tried about 4 times and my best time is 1:19:10. Got all the other trophies, I just can't seem to win this level. Any strategies or walk-throughs would be appreciated.

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Re:Getting trophy on "Suppliers" level?

[Post New]by Jaboulka on Dec 11, 08 1:52 AM
Same here!

I have gold on all levels but this one. I keep on trying different strategies but I just can't get gold.

Anybody succeeded? If yes any hint would be welcome !

Thank you all in advance

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Re:Getting trophy on "Suppliers" level?

[Post New]by Ebbymay on Dec 17, 08 3:39 AM
Well I finally did it in 1.14.23 so it is possible.

Once you have enough cash, buy a fruit and veg picker and a gardner, you don't need sprinklers till later in the level.
You need to plan in advance on this one, once you have played a few times you know what is next, while you are waiting for enough money for the refrigerated warehouse and the greenhouse you can pick flowers and collect milk and eggs and honey and leave them on the floor so that you can put them in the warehouse when you have it, same with the eggplants, pick them and don't put them in the warhouse untill you have been asked to.
It took me a few tries but it can be done.


Re:Getting trophy on "Suppliers" level?

[Post New]by RandomRhonda on Dec 17, 08 1:40 PM
I'd figured out leaving things on the floor and was just wondering if I needed to hire some help! Thanks for the help!!! I will give it just a couple more tries! LOL

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Re:Getting trophy on "Suppliers" level?

[Post New]by Ebbymay on Dec 18, 08 3:48 AM
I hired all the pickers available and 1 gardener, I got the other gardeners later on when I needed to get them.


Re:Getting trophy on "Suppliers" level?

[Post New]by BuckeyeKelly on Dec 19, 08 8:29 PM
I finally got all the tropies and The Suppliers level trophy - twice! Here is what I did: I plotted out what I needed to do in advance. You know you will need 8 sprinklers so you will need 16 plots of 12 squares each. I planted cucumbers (they ripen the fastest of all the veggies) first and harvested them plus the tree fruit and the other veggie (I forget what it was that was supplied - carrots??) as they were ripe. While waiting for them to ripen again, I dug the plots. 6 plots each in the top 2 rows and 4 plots in the 3rd row. I recommend saving the game after the last plot is dug because it froze on me when I was almost through the level. I haven't had the freezing quite as much after that. At least you don't have to completely start over. I do hope they fix that glitch. If you don't have enough money for the green house or fridge, harvest the crops anyway and set them on the ground as has already been suggested in another post, especially the milk and eggs.

I alternated between harvesting and digging. After both eggplants were planted, I hired a gardener and a veggie picker. I bought the sprinklers as I could. I only used 3 pickers and 2 gardeners altogether. I planted in this order: Carrots (I think it was), cucumber, cucumber, egg plant, egg plant, corn, corn, and then the flowers with the exotics last. I found the key to be having all the plots ready to plant in advance and having the buildings close to the crop that is needed for feeding each particular animal. Anyway, this worked for me. I laid it out like this (with sprinklers in between):

Top of Screen: Tree/Tree/Tree/Barn/Sheep/Cow/Chicken/Fridge
Row 1: Cucumber/Egg Plant/Carrot/Corn/Sunflower/Dahlia/Honey
Row 2: Cucumber/Egg Plant/Carrots/Corn/Tulips/Tulips/Honey
Row 3: Strawberry/Watermelon/Peppers/Mushrooms/GreenHouse

I hope this will help someone else. It took me a dozen times to get it just right.


Re:Getting trophy on "Suppliers" level?

[Post New]by avahnel on Jan 1, 09 9:17 PM
Instead of buying all of the other veggies, as soon as I could unlock eggplants, I made that the only veggie planted. I bought 3 harvesters, and let them harvest while I dug the rest of the farm. The main goal in this level is $, so with only eggplants, it doubles your income. (they are worth 40, most other veggies are worth 20). You have to buy the sheep, chicken and cow, but you do not have to feed them because you do not need the products. I finished well before the goal, and always had plenty of $.


Re:Getting trophy on "Suppliers" level?

[Post New]by LisaGay67 on Feb 4, 09 12:19 AM
Here is Part One (of three) of some tips for the Suppliers' level. I don't know just how many times I played this level until I got it right!

These are the tasks you need to accomplish in each sub-level:

1. Money: 300

In the beginning, dig! When you're between tasks, dig your 36 squares in the sprinkler formation -- at least a couple formations' worth. This will save time later. Dig more as the game goes along. You're going to end up with 6-8 formations in the end, with pickers & gardeners working like crazy. I like to keep a blank row between my formations, so I can tell them apart. But in this sub-level, don't forget to keep picking the tree and get those carrots in the ground and pick them as well, as you go along.

2. Seed Orders:

In the second sub-level, plant cucumbers (you'll receive the seed), they're a great cash crop, grow really fast and don't need that much fertilizer. You need the money. When you're able to purchase the eggplant seed order, plant a bagfull. Harvest them, but set aside (don't put in barn). Keep digging those formations to keep ahead (but don't forget to pick!) Water by hand and fertilize only when you see the hearts.

3. Sell Eggplants: 20

Plant more of these if you need to, and get a picker to help you -- the investment is worth it in the long run. You're going to need $$ in the next few sub-levels. One time I played this, I planted a whole other formation of these during the previous sub-level. It made this level go by really quickly, but in the end I think I went over time because I was too busy harvesting and putting aside the eggplants when I should've been trying to earn money faster for the seed orders.

4. Licenses:

You need more money! I buy my sheep (the animal, not just the license) as fast as possible -- plant and set aside some carrots for him. Sheep are a little bit faster than cows & pigs. It's an investment, but will get you $ faster in the long run.


Re:Getting trophy on "Suppliers" level?

[Post New]by LisaGay67 on Feb 4, 09 12:20 AM
Here is Part Two (of three) of my hints on this level:

5. Permits:
Refrigerated Storage

I've never needed to actually build a second barn, but the permit is a requirement. Just keep on going. Plant more stuff and hire a picker or gardener if you need to.

6. Build:

I also buy a cow as soon as possible, they eat what the sheep's already eating, and set aside the milk for quick cash later (because you're going to need a refrigerated storage).

7. Sell:
Dahlias: 7
Sunflowers: 7
Honey: 3

In order to do this, you also have to buy a greenhouse, the refrigerated storage, and bees. Buy the refrigerated storage first, because you'll have that milk you've been saving up and that'll give you some cash to go for the greenhouse and then the bees. Ahead of time, plant a bag each of the dahlias & sunflowers and start setting them aside so you can grow what you need ahead of the bees (they need full flowers to gather honey). At this point, I plant as many sunflowers as I can and then as many bees as I can. They don't need anything but occasional watering if you don't pick them, and the bees can make the honey faster. I find beekeeping to be easier than animals, because they feed themselves.

8. Seed Order: Tulip Bulbs

If you've got the money on hand, this one is quick. Keep up with the animals and make sure your bees are producing. Let a picker handle the rest of the crops.

9. Buy Watersprinkers: (to make total of) 8
Buy Gardeners: (to make total of) 4

Until you get to this level, you haven't needed too many sprinklers if you keep in mind that it's cheaper to have just a few and keep your eye on the dry ones and just move the sprinklers around when the raindrop picture appears. Before now, you might have a couple gardeners if you haven't had time to do much fertilizing (but until the farm gets too big I usually just go around once in awhile and drop fertilizer wherever there are hearts). As long as there's enough work to go around, pickers are good. But sometimes I stop paying them if I've got to get things set aside for animals.


Re:Getting trophy on "Suppliers" level?

[Post New]by LisaGay67 on Feb 4, 09 12:21 AM
Here is Part Three (of three) of my hints on this level:

10. Plant:
Strawberries: 12
Peppers: 12
Mushrooms: 12
Watermelons: 12

At this point, remember: you only have to plant these crops, you don't have to harvest them. They don't have to even grow, just get planted. I usually end up keeping all my pickers and gardeners busy so I can raise the money (you have to place seed orders for all four of these, plus they are the most expensive seeds). And in the very end I purchase everything, if I don't have plots available I dig 12 squares, plant one crop, bulldoze it, and then plant the next one, etc. Do the mushrooms last.

11. Money: 800

That's it! The reason I do the mushrooms last is that they are the fastest growing and worth alot of $, just in case I don't have enough at the end.

I hope this helped somebody. I've spent hours and hours on this level, only to be just a few minutes shy of the gold medal!

Extra credit hint: Keeping a list of what needs to be done, so you can plan ahead of time, will also help you better your time in the last level, Going To Market.

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Re:Getting trophy on "Suppliers" level?

[Post New]by laura17318 on Mar 18, 09 1:35 PM
I finally did it thanks to 2 tips from others. First, dig in your spare time. You'll need 10-12 plots, depending on whether you end up planting 6 or 8 eggplant. Second, plant eggplant. After the $300 dollars is made- your goal is to order eggplant, carrot and corn seeds. You only need to worry about the eggplant. I planted one patch of cucumbers and picked carrots, cucumbers and fruit trees until I had at least $480. Then I ordered and planted eggplant. I focused on planting eggplant and hiring workers. You don't have to order carrot or corn seeds- you don't need them and it is a waste of money. Once you start planting and picking eggplant and have taken 20 crates to the barn, the game automatically jumps you past the corn and carrot order requirements because it thinks you've finished the requirement of selling 20 eggplant, which comes next. By ordering, planting and harvesting eggplant- you will finish goal #2 (ordering eggplant, corn and carrot) AND goal #3 (sell 20 eggplant) once you have sold 20 eggplant and you will have the $700 you didn't waste on corn and carrot seeds. You need to plots of vegtables per worker to keep them busy. When my carrots and cucumbers were down to one heart- I tilled them over and planted eggplant in their place. I ended up with 6 plots of eggplant and 3 workers the first time, 8 plots and 4 workers the second time (plus gardner of course) and 7 plots, 3 workers the second time ( I did an extra plot so I could pick here and there without giving the workers down time). It can be done. I did it three times, but only checked the time once 01:07:14 (I think). This method works. I used to waste my time with pigs and animal by-products and kept coming up short. I think it is because of the system glitch that jumps you ahead once you get those 20 crates of eggplants harvested.

Good luck all.

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Re:Getting trophy on "Suppliers" level?

[Post New]by briddes on Jan 4, 11 10:53 PM
Plan out your farm based on what you will need. My time was 1:01:23
I had mine laid out like in a 4x3 grid with a space between them for the sprinkler & crates.
If you have 24 of any plant that an animal needs it is less likely that the pickers will take it all.

Row 1: Eggplant Eggplant Sprinkler/Tree Barn Cucumber Cucumber
Row 2: Carrot Carrot Beet Beet Cucumber Cucumber
Row 3: Cow/Chicken Sheep Pig Pig Pepper Mushroom
Row 4: Bee Bee Watermelon Strawberry
Row 5: Sunflower Sunflower Dahlia Dahlia
Row 6: Refrigerated Greenhouse

I started with the carrots & dug gardens while they were growing. As soon as the were ready I harvested them & the tree & then went back to digging. As soon as the cucumbers were available I planted 24 of them. I moved the barn & the tree next to the cucumbers then I just kept harvesting them until I had enough money to hire a picker. I watered as needed, planted 24 beets, 24 more cucumbers, 12 carrots, and dug all the remaining gardens. I hired 2 more pickers and a gardener when money was available.
I planted 24 eggplants but when they were ready I just harvested & didn't take them to the barn. Finish with ordering corn but I never planted it. I added sprinklers when money was available.

Put all eggplant in barn. Place 2 pigs directly under the beet fields. Feed pigs & harvest piglets. Harvest everything else. Sheep license first. Buy Sheep. Cow license. Buy Cow. Feed & harvest them. Milk just put aside until refrigerator is available. Chicken license.

Order refrigerator, buy refrigerator. Store milk. Order barn. I never bought one.

Buy Chicken Coop. I didn't buy it first because I never planted corn.

Plant 24 sunflowers & 24 dahlias. Buy bees before greenhouse. Buy greenhouse.

Order tulips

Sprinklers and 3 gardeners. I never paid the last 3 just let the one keep working.

Order mushrooms first if you need the money (fast growing) plant 12. Order the rest as the money is available. Plant 12 of each.

Earn $800.

Good luck.

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