Chapter 5-18. How to get gold?

[Post New]by Jeggiropp on Feb 17, 11 3:52 AM
I\ve tried several different strategies and this is the only level i can`t get gold. Any tips?

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Re:Chapter 5-18. How to get gold?

[Post New]by tamk42 on Feb 17, 11 12:18 PM
I sold the dogs first thing and upgraded my warehouse to keep as many bears as I could...kept my cow until it gave me two milks, then I sold it and the milk making sure I had enough for the bear changing house and 1 coat...I then dressed one bear and got the 7000...upgrade the warehouse and get as many coats as you can,,,,keep making dressed bears upgraded warehouse and boat asap...I then moved backwards, making the "sails" first as you get 6000 back for one of those...get cows and sheep as soon as you can and work simultaneously on things...I was contstantly making and selling ducks for extra money and saving enough eggs for the cement...I did make sure a building was fully upgraded before I started making things. I think I only upgraded the sail building twice cause 3 sails were giving me 18000....make sure you sell whatever is made as soon as you can and keep producing simultaneously until done good luck.


Re:Chapter 5-18. How to get gold?

[Post New]by recreation on Oct 29, 11 7:24 AM
This sounds great.. I''ll try it!

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Re:Chapter 5-18. How to get gold?

[Post New]by Razi7874 on Mar 11, 13 6:35 PM
Hey tamk42 I could not figure that out til you gave that tip.

Thanks. Made the gold on that one.

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