Can't go back, have to create a new profile

[Post New]by Pockets2 on Feb 18, 11 4:20 PM
I get to the key and then I go into t room with a fireplace. The only thing I can get is the firewood. I need paper and some to light the candle, they are not in my list at the top, only the candle. I have tried to go back to find the paper but can't. The only thing I can do is exit the game and create a new profile. I havae done this 4 times now. Please halp. Thanks

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Re:Can't go back, have to create a new profile

[Post New]by Gembirdie on Oct 3, 14 9:29 PM
To go back, you have to go towards the bottom of the screen, until you see an icon depicting two feet pop up. Sometimes you have to search a bit for it to come up. Click on the icon.

Other times there's a window open on top of the main one, and you have to click on the main one to get the other to close again. Usually, that's to the left or right of that top window.

Just click all over - there are no penalties for clicking - and you'll figure it out.

Hope this helps...

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